Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Requirements Page
Q.  How old do I need to be to attend driving school classroom sessions? 
A.  You may attend class if you are 14 years old but within 30 days of your 15th birthdate on last day of class.  However after you complete the classroom portion of the driver education program you will not be issued a course completion slip until you become 15 years of age.  Your course completion card will be mailed to you on your 15th birthday or you can pick it up at the United Driving School office.
Any questions not answered here can be quickly answered by calling the United Driving School at 507-454-6799 or submitting 
them online through the "contact us" button..
Q.  Does the United Driving School teach adults?
A.  Yes, we gladly accept students of all ages and skill levels.
Q.  Where can I get a Minnesota Drivers Manual?
A.   In March 2011 Minnesota went "green" and stopped printing copies for free distribution.  All students are given a Minnesota Drivers Manual the first day of class.  Additional copies can be purchased at the United Driving School and are also available at the Winona County Auditors Office.            
You can also download a copy from the state website or just read it online.   
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Q.  My child just got his/her permit to drive but I'm unsure if they can drive right away.  Is this ok or do they need to go with an instructor first.
A.  Depending on the level of confidence your student can drive as soon as they pass and pay for their permit.  It is a good idea to let them get started in a quiet neighborhood rather than down-  town Winona.  Lesson time appointments can be made by calling the United Driving School.  When a student does behind the wheel lessons with an instructor is up to them.  They need six hours with or without observation time (optional) and can be taken as soon as the permit is passed or spaced during the six month required waiting period.  Summer is busy so please plan accordingly.
Q.  What should I bring to the first class session?
                                                    Requirements Recap:
* Students must be 15 years of age by the completion date of the classroom portion in order to receive a course completion certificate.  If student is not 15 by the last class date a card will  be mailed to their permanent address on their birthday or it can be picked up on their birthday at the United Driving School office.  You may attend class if you are going to be 15 years old within 30 days of the completion of class.

* Student will need to bring an original copy of their Birth Certificate (issued by the state where 
   they were born) or a valid Passport.   Returned with students same day as verified.
   Note: originals only no photo copies can be accepted.

* Have your parents permission to enter program if under 18 years of age.

* After successfully completing 30 hours of classroom instruction students will receive 
  a course completion slip entitling them to take the Minnesota drivers knowledge      
  (permit) test.

* Passing the knowledge (permit) test and vision test and paying the current state fee the 
  student will then be allowed to operate a motor vehicle with proper supervision.

* Studens may then contact the United Driving School office to schedule their behind the 
   wheel instructions by calling 507-454-6799.

* Students need to complete 50 hours logged supervised driving time (15 at night) prior to taking their 
   license exam.  Hours with a driving school instructor do not count in this total.  Please contact the United 
   Driving School 3 months prior to the desired behind the wheel completion date to schedule your behind
   the wheel lessons.  Spring and summer are very busy and this will help ensure being done in time.

Q.  When I finish the classroom portion of the driving experience can I drive with my parents?
A.  No.  You will be given a course completion certificate which allows you to take a knowledge or 
     permit test at a Minnesota driving exam center.  Scoring 80% or above will give you a passing score, 
     passing a vision screening test, and paying the state fee you will be issued a permit to drive.
A.  Students will need to bring their original Birth Certificate issued by the state they wre born in, a pen, & notebook..  A copy of the current Minnesota Drivers Manual and all other course materials will be provided by the United Driving School.
Q.  How can I be sure my child will receive the best possible training on current driving rules & techniques for safely operating a motor vehicle?
A.  United Driving School instructors are certified and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety after a rigorous training process involving both classroom hours as well as actual behind the wheel sessions with other licensed instructors and representatives from the Driver & Vehicle Services division.
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